Places to buy clothes in Sacramento #1 – Cheap Thrills

When buying clothes I like to avoid buying name brands and visiting high end stores because those are out of my price range pretty much all the time. Many people would despair in this situation, but I took it as a sort of a challenge. I made it my goal to find stores where you can get trendy clothes on the cheap and that’s what todays article is all about.

Cheap Thrills – places to buy cheap clothes in Sacramento

Cheap Thrills is a store located in the L Street, across the street from the St. Johns Lutheran Church.


It’s the only purple building in the area, so it’s kinda hard to miss it. Store has both mens and womans clothes. They have a large selection of clothes and accessories. Note that this is small store, so you might not find what you’re looking for if you’re looking for hard to find items.

Service is commendable, regardless of what kind of crazy demands I present them with. Whenever I go on a shopping spree, Cheap Thrills is my go to store because I know that I’ll find amazing looking blouses, shirts, dresses for an affordable price. If you’re in the L Street, make sure to visit them, you won’t regret it for sure.