Footwear recommendations for spring 2017

Spring is just around the corner and I thought that I should give my recommendations on what I think are going to be trendy footwear designs for this coming spring season. Before we begin let me just say that I’m not any kind of professional and this is just my personal opinion and speculation.

Gwens footwear recommendations for spring 2017

This spring I can definitively see sandals being very popular. Preferably lightweight, without heals and light colors. According to the weather forecast we’re in for a surprisingly warm spring

Lightweight sandals seem like the perfect choice for that type of weather. Even if spring isn’t going to be warm, there’s still summer that will most definitely require sandals. Sandals with heels are okay if you’re visiting formal events. I have already started shopping for sandals. I visit thrift stores and used clothes stores in the Sacramento area to do my shopping.


For the most part I’m lucky and I manage to score great looking items for very cheap prices. Colors that I want are hard to find though, which is a bit of a letdown, but hey, same thing can happen when buying new. Anyway, those are my recommendations for footwear for this spring season. Hopefully you’ll like my picks. What do you recommend?