Beans – the super food for you

There are a couple reason why I like beans. First of all they are good for the environment. Research shows that out of all the types of crops, beans use up very small amounts of water to grow. I believe the figure is something like 55 gallons of water for 1 pound of beans, while at the same time it takes between 1000 and 1500 gallons of water for the same amount of beef.

Beans – super food for you

Access to safe and clean drinking water is unfortunately not possible everywhere on this planet of ours. Even California experienced serious water shortages up until the recent rains. Growing food that requires a lot of water to grow is close to insanity in situations when there aren’t that much water to begin with in a given area.

Like I already mentioned, compared to other foods, beans take very little water to grow. Not only that, but they are extremely healthy for you. They are a protein rich food. Not as much as meat of course, but they are going to be a decent enough source of protein for a healthy diet. As always you should consult with a nutritionist for a more balanced diet plan.

But if you are looking for a way to save the environment and eat healthy at the same time, you should try adding more beans to your diet. They are good for both you and for mother nature, so it’s a win-win situation all around. What kind of other super foods do you eat?

High tech clothes for keeping yourself anonymous

This article talks about the union of tech and fashion, my two loves. Our privacy has been under attack on all sides by governments, corporations both offline and especially online. Even when going out in public, there are individuals who feel the need to take pictures of everything. It’s been like this for quite some time now. We’re recorded everywhere we go. This might be good from the public safety angle, but one can’t help wonder where do you draw the line?

Anti-surveillance clothes for protecting your anonymity

Two companies have started working on anti-surveillance clothes that will help you fight against CCTV cameras with facial recognition and just cameras in general that are trying to take your pictures.

Clothes that prevent facial recognition

First we’re going to be taking a look at a concept clothes design that has the ability to confuse CCTV cameras with built-in facial recognition.


The basic gist of this “technology” is for the clothes to have this pattern featuring faces on them. By doing this the facial recognition sensors are going to be confused and they won’t be able to detect your face. This trick apparently works, but you would stand out quite a lot wearing clothes with this type of pattern, don’t you think?

Super reflective clothes by Chris Holmes

Next up is a super reflective clothes line from Chris Holmes. It’s actually available for purchase, but it’s a bit pricey. Hoodie costs around 230$.


What these super reflective clothes do is they reflect back the camera flash so that everything else in the picture becomes darker. This only works with cameras that have flash. If nothing else you won’t be looking weird for wearing these, as the clothes are just mildly reflective. There’s no weird patterns on them or anything like that. Interesting concepts, but they are just a gimmick at this point.

Footwear recommendations for spring 2017

Spring is just around the corner and I thought that I should give my recommendations on what I think are going to be trendy footwear designs for this coming spring season. Before we begin let me just say that I’m not any kind of professional and this is just my personal opinion and speculation.

Gwens footwear recommendations for spring 2017

This spring I can definitively see sandals being very popular. Preferably lightweight, without heals and light colors. According to the weather forecast we’re in for a surprisingly warm spring

Lightweight sandals seem like the perfect choice for that type of weather. Even if spring isn’t going to be warm, there’s still summer that will most definitely require sandals. Sandals with heels are okay if you’re visiting formal events. I have already started shopping for sandals. I visit thrift stores and used clothes stores in the Sacramento area to do my shopping.


For the most part I’m lucky and I manage to score great looking items for very cheap prices. Colors that I want are hard to find though, which is a bit of a letdown, but hey, same thing can happen when buying new. Anyway, those are my recommendations for footwear for this spring season. Hopefully you’ll like my picks. What do you recommend?

Ikea hack – plant shelves on the cheap with Hyllis shelf unit

One of the things that I really enjoy doing is Ikea hacking. If you’re unfamiliar with Ikea hacking, it’s when you combine 2 or more Ikea items and you create a whole new piece of furniture for your home decor. Goal is also to do it on the cheap, to save money. What I’ll talk about today isn’t really an Ikea hack, since I’m not hacking as much as I’m just writing a recommendation for the Hyllis shelf unit.

Plant shelves on the cheap with the Hyllis shelf unit

Recently I wanted to add plants to my living room. Some greenery would be nice on the eyes and let’s not forget that plants are also good for improving air quality.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I don’t really have anywhere to put the plants. In other words I needed a shelving unit. After visiting local hardware stores I was taken aback by the prices. Truth be told, their shelves were massive, very heavy. I’m guessing they are for tools. Ikea it is then, I thought to myself. Not sure why I didn’t look there right away.


Soon after opening up the Ikea website I found the Hyllis shelving unit. It’s a shelf unit made from galvanized steel. Perfect for plant shelves where it’s possible to get the shelves wet when watering them. They are just 15$ and assembly was a piece of cake. I wholeheartedly recommend this shelving unit if you’re looking for a place where to put your plants.

Places to buy clothes in Sacramento #1 – Cheap Thrills

When buying clothes I like to avoid buying name brands and visiting high end stores because those are out of my price range pretty much all the time. Many people would despair in this situation, but I took it as a sort of a challenge. I made it my goal to find stores where you can get trendy clothes on the cheap and that’s what todays article is all about.

Cheap Thrills – places to buy cheap clothes in Sacramento

Cheap Thrills is a store located in the L Street, across the street from the St. Johns Lutheran Church.


It’s the only purple building in the area, so it’s kinda hard to miss it. Store has both mens and womans clothes. They have a large selection of clothes and accessories. Note that this is small store, so you might not find what you’re looking for if you’re looking for hard to find items.

Service is commendable, regardless of what kind of crazy demands I present them with. Whenever I go on a shopping spree, Cheap Thrills is my go to store because I know that I’ll find amazing looking blouses, shirts, dresses for an affordable price. If you’re in the L Street, make sure to visit them, you won’t regret it for sure.